À table receives a star form me.

„Extremely hard fine bone china, warmly white, purely and simply elegant design: à table fulfills my requirements as award-winning chef to the letter. I use ist every day. Even at home. À table is my first choice in quality and design.“

If i could choose another talent, then it would be painting.

„As chef however, I still have the opportunity to live out my creativity on the plate. The à table wide-rimmed plate with a center to express myself as I wish is my artist´s canvas“


Cornelia Poletto, Restaurant Polettos, Hamburg


Dedicate yourself to love and cooking with all of your heart

„What tastes good should also look good - there is no compromise possible. The right surrounding makes an art perfect. That´s why I like to us the Apero dishes by ASA Selection for our catering, in our relaxed "winebar", as well as in our demanding restaurant. The archtiectural design, the simple white - for many of our culinary creations it is the icing on the cake. “


Georg Gerhards, Owner and executive chef Restaurant „Historischer Weinkeller“ and Tapasbar „Weinbar“, Koblenz

The source of inner contentment

„We lead a simple, clear structured life. The only luxury that we indulge in is the conscious renouncement of everything unnecessary and a healthy way of living. For us, this conscious and not always easy reduction on the vital elements constitutes the basis of a comfortable and satisfying life.“


Jos and Noella Vangeel, Donum Design, Hasselt


One of a kind with heart and passion

„We love good design. Not soulless, streamline, replaceable variety of shapes but rather well-thought-out design that sways and strikes. Comfortably appealing and excitingly filled with life. The home by ASA - collection means design against the current of randomness.“


Adriana, Regina & Pablo Ocampo, Gügel Design, México City


„AS a representative I´m always on the road. Therefore, I love my thermo mug. In the car, on the way to a client or in the office – my coffee stay hot very long and tastes like freshly brewed. It´s just not made of cardboard – my friend "to go".“


Lisa Burkhardt, ASA Selection